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Pat has been teaching online since 2014 and in that time has presented on the subject of teaching and mentoring online at drum shows, education expo's, and as part of various education projects. Using the Zoom platform, Pat teaches students from Argentina, the U.S.A, Malta, Germany, Turkey and many more countries around the world as well as students from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Dublin, Bristol, Cornwall, and Devon in the UK.

The COVID-19 situation meant that all teaching in all settings UK-wide was moved to one of many online platforms very quickly, and Pat's experience in the area saw him consulting with various education providers on the best systems and methods to use, as well as training lecturers, teachers and students in how to adapt to an online learning and teaching environment and how to get the most from what should be a very positive and productive experience.

Pat teaches online from his teaching studio in Brighton using a multi camera set up, fully mic'd up kit, and full recording and play back facilities to support lessons. Due to Pat's extensive experience in this area, online 1:1 lessons and mentoring is just as specialist, focussed and productive as face to face 1:1 time.

     Please use the contact form if you'd like more information about online lessons with Pat

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1:1 lessons online

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Pat's online teaching always utilises fully mic'd up drum kit, playback and recording facilities

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Small group online lessons

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Larger group online lectures

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Live stream Sabian Facebook masterclass 

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Week one of the UK national lockdown: Unsure if his studio was viable, Pat moved all teaching to online from his home, utilising his relationship with ROLAND and sE Electronics to ensure his student's experience remained of the highest level.

Just like onsite lessons, Pat's online lessons feature full kit set up and cover electronics, drum recording, production and programming

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