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Career Guidance

  • Please note that due to the current restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are closed. 

The creative industries are always changing and that's never been more true than in the last 10 - 15 years, especially when we consider the speed at which some of those changes have occurred. I've worked within the creative industries for over 25 years - from international touring, composing and producing music for cross-media moving image, recording sessions, to being an artist myself, to working as a freelance musician, educator, becoming a published author & guest speaker. I've procured major equipment sponsorships, developed a successful specialist private teaching practice with students from all over the world, some of which play with some of the most recognisable artists around, and a great many more that are working successfully in the Creative Industries around the world. I've written over 100 magazine columns, I've managed big digital learning resource projects that have been rolled out internationally, I've worked as a Head of Department, Principal Lecturer, worked developing and leading educational teams and products, mentored peers and students, and in the last quarter of 2019 commenced study for my Masters Degree in Learning and Teaching.

Why am I sharing all that? Because every step of the way this has involved developing my skillset, seeking guidance, speaking to, learning from, and studying with the right people. It's involved training, re-training, re-thinking, re-working, learning and re-learning, investing in myself, what I do, planning how to do it, and then doing it

Something I've learned along the way is that to consult with someone that's done it, that's doing it, has got the t-shirt, & still wears the t-shirt has been a crucial part of my experience and success in the above areas, and it's the sum of that experience and success that I offer through my specialist Career Guidance consultations.

What do I offer?

I offer 1:1 Career Guidance sessions for anybody looking to break into the Creative Industries and anybody looking to develop a framework for a sustainable portfolio career model within the Creative Industries.

I offer these sessions at my Digital Studies Design workshop, which is situated at New England House Business Centre, in Brighton.


I offer a comprehensive, developmental and progressive framework to help individuals in two areas:

1. To be able to implement informed educational decisions regarding the Creative Industries

2. To implement an effective strategy to: 

a) Begin building a successful career in the creative industries

b) To maintain and manage an already existing career in the creative industries, or

c) To evolve an already existing career in the creative industries into new areas

Key information

  • I offer a maximum of 8 consultation spaces per month 

  • Consultations are 90 minutes with a 60 minute follow up and three 20 minute catch up sessions

  • Please use the 'Contact' page to enquire about booking, prices, and consultation protocol

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